Welcome to the calming peace of Harmonious Heart healing studio. A sanctuary of sacred space with bright blue water to the East and the glory of the mountains in the West.  In this quiet locale,  you can breathe Harmony into your mind, body, spirit, and Heart and take a respite from the stressful world.  Each workshop and ceremony is specifically designed for you to enliven your energy vibration, heal deeper within your soul and awaken to your True Self.  Because we want to meet your needs, our workshops are continually changing and evolving.  Check back occasionally as new life-awakening workshops are added or modified.  If you have any suggestions and/or requests, please email us directly at




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I am often asked if Buddhism is a religion or a philosophy.  In this 8 session workshop, we will explore the philosophy of SGI Nichiren Buddhism as a way to understand the workings of our own lives with some new ways of conceptualizing and working through struggles.  Buddhism is about taking out the sense of victim from everyday life and learning how to truly empower yourself to forge a life that takes you down the path you truly want to be on.  Whether you experiment with making the Buddhist practice a part of your life, is totally up to you.  You will, however, have a better understanding of how to make your life work for you.  We will meet for two hours, twice each month for 8 sessions as we work our way through the book by Hochswender, Martin, and Morino titled, The Buddha in Your Mirror.  Join us as we travel toward true happiness.




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In Hinduism, a chakra (Sanskrit cakra, “wheel”) is thought to be an energy point or node in the subtle body. Chakras are believed to be part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and as such, are the meeting points of the subtle (non-physical) energy channels called nadi. Nadi are believed to be channels in the subtle body through which the life force (prana) or vital energy  moves. Various scriptural texts and teachings present a different number of chakras. It’s believed that there are many chakras in the subtle human body, according to some ancient texts.  There are seven chakras that are considered to be the most important ones.  Sign up today for our three hour workshop to learn how to play with, clear, and enjoy the natural flow through your chakras.  We will practice with sound and colors to wake up each of the chakras and learn different breathing techniques for clearing them and connecting them to the whole prana system.  By doing these specific techniques, you can bring more peaceful and vibrant energy to your life.




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We have all heard about “the terrible twos” but, do the toddler years really have to be so terrible? Raising a toddler can feel like a roller coaster ride as you follow their extreme highs and lows.

With the simple techniques we teach in our 3 hour seminar, you’ll be able to improve your parenting skills by using these tools and use them without anger or violence.  We want to give people access to one of the best parenting strategies available. This is a parenting system that is effective and respectful without being overly permissive or harsh!  It is best if both, or all parenting adults attend.  Please have a baby sitter so the child/children can stay at home to provide you with time to listen and absorb throughout the workshop.




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If Men are from Mars and Women from Venus in communication, in the bedroom, sometimes, they are not even in the same galaxy!!   This all day workshop can help bridge the void that keeps anger brewing and love making unattainable.  Designed for couples of any gender combination, we will have some didactic instruction, as well as, clothes on experiential portions throughout the day. Join us as we explore the struggles, learn to express our desires, and dip into the deep well of our own ecstasy.




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This is an opportunity for women of all ages to join together twice each month for four months as we deepen our understanding from a spiritual perspective of our world of relationships with all the struggles, challenges, victories, and joys.  Together, we will explore the world of women from a feminist/humanistic perspective focusing on a different topic each session and, through various meditative techniques and sharing our personal life stories we will aim to fully enhance and enliven ourselves and our personal power.




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Self Hypnosis is a specific tool for helping an individual have more influence over their own thoughts and actions.  Our brains work in “waves”.   If you think of brain waves as musical notes, our brains play a symphony during a 24 hour period because they change according to what we’re doing and feeling. When slower brain waves are dominant, we can feel tired or dreamy. Whereas the higher frequencies are dominant when we feel wired or hyper-alert.

From this understanding, we know that each night just before we fall asleep, our brainwave patterns shift into the slower dreamy wave state.  This is the same state we try to achieve during self-hypnosis.

The state of hypnosis can be described as a state of highly focused attention with heightened suggestibility. Hypnosis is sometimes, but not always, accompanied by relaxation. When a person learns how to consciously activate this specific state of self-hypnosis, they can use it to modify behavior, emotions, and attitudes.  As examples, you could help yourself quit smoking, stay on a diet, reduce anxiety or even develop new skills.

Join us for 3 – two hour workshops to learn and practice this valuable tool to enhance your everyday life.




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There is a mystery out there; there is no denying that.  You are invited to join a like minded group of individuals who are interested in exploring, through various spiritual modalities, the great mystery.  Who knows?  We may even discover some answers!! Through this workshop, you will be invited to consciously awaken and discover your sacred connection with the Universal Whole.  Together, with our hearts opening and awakening, we will explore full presence letting joy, creativity and compassion flow through freely.  During each of the 10 sessions, we will explore different spiritual modalities and various meditative techniques to enliven your consciousness, center your physical being and open your heart to love and compassion.




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In today’s modern society there are two important factors that interfere with the body’s normal stress response.  The first is that, for most of us, stressful situations occur so often the body has little time to recover.  The second is that many of our body’s natural ways of countering this influx of hormones are bypassed because we cannot follow through with the natural cycle of “fight or flight.” (It would hardly be appropriate to punch your boss in the face or run out of the room screaming when confronted with a stressful situation).  Because of this, our bodies often stay in a chronic state of high alert. Over time, high levels of stress lead to serious health problems.

That is why stress management is so important. In our 2 hour seminar, you will learn very easy and practical tools you can use in everyday life to help you manage your body’s stress reactions and lower your chances of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and other diseases influenced by chronic stress.  Our stress management tools can teach you healthier ways to cope with stress, help you reduce it’s harmful effects, and prevent stress from spiraling out of control again in the future.

No matter how powerless you may feel in the face of stress, you do have control over your everyday choices of lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and the way to deal with everyday problems. Sign up today for our stress management seminar and begin the empowering process of living happier and healthier.