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I have always been fascinated by relationships. Whether they are intimate with a significant other (in whatever gender combination your love flows), parent/child, boss/employee, or the neighbor next door, I feel relationships are like trying to cross the ocean of life in a small boat.  As long as neither person moves, the boat bobs along safely.  When in motion, however, the two people must negotiate so paddling is synchronized, direction is agreed upon, and the weight in the boat is evenly distributed.  It may often feel like the other person is “rocking the boat”!!!

The reasons for this are many and vary among individuals. Love, while manifesting in many forms, is the basis from which we form an attachment to someone who will, we hope, provide emotional protection from the multitude of ups and downs in everyday life.

While I often wish I had a magic wand that would wondrously change the dynamics and help couples through their difficulties, I do have many tools and strategies which can help both individuals in the coupleship explore their own needs and their ability to connect with another human being. With time, patience, and commitment, a loving bond can be established as both partners develop a relationship that works for them.