Nightly praying

The Moon has a powerful effect on us. It brings light to the night sky, helps stabilize the earth’s axis tilt, regulates the tides of the ocean, and influences our body fluids. As humans, our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, thus the moon has profound influence over our body’s balance and moods. The Moon represents the feminine, creative, nurturing and emotional aspects of our everyday living.

Many cultures around the world follow the cycles of the moon and work with the powerful energies to invite in, release, and clear our psyches and environments.

  • Full Moon

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    The full moon is a time to release that which no longer serves you. It is the high tide of power; amplifying your creativity. As we create a safe and sacred space during this two hour ceremony, you can follow your heart deeper within to let go of anything which you have out grown and is no longer serving you. 


    New Moon

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    The new moon is a time for setting intentions. Come join a group of like-minded individuals for a sacred two hour ceremony to explore your inner desires within the safety of sacred space and clearly define your intentions for the month ahead.


    Winter Solstice

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    The shortest day of the year means the longest night before the days gradually get longer with each sunrise. Join us for a 2½ hour ceremony in love and beauty as we set our intentions for the year to come and welcome the return of the light.


    May Day/Beltane

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    This old world ceremony is a celebration of abundance, fire and fertility of spirit, soul, and heart. It is an invitation to Honor the Sacred Feminine: to let blossom the full BE­-ing of your True­ Self. Whether you are female or male, gay, straight, or trans – you are invited to join a loving group of individuals for this three hour celebration of joy.



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    Samhain (pronounced Sah win) This is a joyous celebration marking the end of harvest, the discovery of our shadow self and the wonderful energies that live in the darkness between the worlds. Join in sacred circle with others who wish to celebrate the majick of that which is not always seen.


    Sacred Spiral

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    The spiral is one of the oldest symbols of Human Spirituality representing movement through the experiences of Life. You are invited to walk a garden spiral for Balance and Centering in your life, to seek inner Direction, Awareness, and Expansion, and to further your own spiritual Journey and Development.